Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Which medium to work in today?

OK, so here it is the middle of summer and the temperatures have soared. I have been working in clay lately, which thrills my family! I fire my kiln and the garage reaches over 100 degrees! Perfect for a hot summer day don't you think. I have been throwing bowls on the wheel and making handmade buttons. These buttons are more time consuming then I had thought they would be. I am developing some original press molds and designs. There are a number of these buttons for sale on my Etsy account and locally in Pine Mountain Club at Village Yarn and at The Spot of Bead in Frazier Park, also at Arts for Earth Gallery. Here is a platter of buttons to give you and example of what I have been making.
We are going to be taking a little trip to the coast so, I think I will put the pottery on hold for a little bit and pick up my camera. So, here I jump from one medium to another. Look at some of my photo work if you like at .

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  1. Cool buttons! I especially like the faces. I know what you mean about projects taking longer than you anticipate; that's constantly happening to me!