Sunday, July 31, 2011

Roller coaster of a summer!

Yes, it is August 2011! The last hooray of summer, and by the title of this entry you would think that I've been touring theme parks. Well, that is about the furthest from what has gone on this summer. I have had major ups and major downs.

The two major ups have been making it to the finals in the Canon / Ron Howard Photo Imagin8tion contest. They will be announcing the winners any day now. The other positive note was that three of my images were juried into a large show in Coos Bay Oregon called "Thunder". On the flip side I have had some major medical issues which have kept me from being as physically active as I usually am. But, I am on the mend now and am getting back to my ol' self again. In the mean time I have been sewing one of a kind purses, totes, duffels and bags. I found that I really enjoy creating re-purposed originals and have posted some of them on Etsy

I have found that they make great gifts as I have given 4 of them away and have gotten rave reviews. I also used some of the ceramic buttons I've created on them and they really are a nice accent.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Abbe Masel Gore (39)

This is unbelievable! I have now made it into the semi-finals with another photograph In the Canon and Ron Howard Photo contest Imagin8tion. Again I am going to ask you to vote for my image. You guys are awesome and I appreciated your support before and feel kinda weird asking again but here I am asking for you to vote again. WOW!!! I can't believe this is happening! Thanks all!

If you go to the "Goal" theme It is called, "Dousing The Flame" The aircraftthat put out the Post fire up on the mountainside.Here is the direct link I think: I think when you go to vote there is also a little "Share button forfacebook and you can share it on your wall!Share it with everyone you know that might vote!
Voting is open till June 23rd 2011 Midnight Eastern Time

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Below is an announcement that I had sent out via email, facebook, lists and any way I could think of. Heck, I was excited and to have been in the top 30 in a national competition! I felt like I was campaigning for office. Well, today is the morning after and the competition has closed. There has not been an announcement yet as to who the top 10 entries are and I am on pins and needles! I figure I have a 33% chance here so all I can do is wait and hope. The top 10 photos will then be judged by Ron Howard and the winning photographer will go to N.Y. all expences paid and meet Ron Howard and also win some Canon Camera equipment.

So, all I can say now is my fingers are crossed and I will wait and see....

I have some very exciting news and I need your help. I entered a Photo contest sponsored by Canon Cameras and Ron Howard. There were thousands of entries. The idea of the contest is to help Ron Howard with his next film and inspire him with 8 different themes. The first 4 themes were whittled down to 30 entries per theme and ONE OF MY SHOTS MADE IT IN! It is a finalist in the theme "Time". Now they are opening the themes up to public vote. This is where you come in. I NEED YOUR VOTE PLEASE! Click the link below or copy and paste it into your browser and please vote for me.The Shot is called, "Mountain Morning Snow and Fog" and is a shot of Frazier Park, Ca.Voting deadline is Saturday June 11th 9pm. Pacific time.Thank you so much! Please feel free to share this with anyone you can think of it sure would be exciting to have a shot of Frazier Park be the winner of the National Contest!

Monday, February 21, 2011
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Feb. 21st President's Day 2011

I have been dabbling in my photography lately and some fabric arts as well. But my real focus right now is learning a web design program and going to school. I have also launched a web site where you can get art supplies at great discounts and I have a number of links there for you to check out. Here is the site: great art supply retailers with all the great discounts in one place! Bookmark it as I will be adding to the list when I find great deals!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year New Opportunities!

O.K. everyone it is a whole new year with many new opportunities! Lots of people try and come up with New Years resolutions all with good intentions and then they fall by the wayside. Rather than feel guilty about broken resolutions why not make a list of all the good things you do already and just work harder to improve upon them. Wouldn't that be easier and more fun?

Here is an example, I love to create artwork. I would like to expand my creativity and encompass more creative projects and combine more mediums into my work. Now doesn't that sound like fun? Instead of things like I need to lose 10 pounds and go on a diet. I need to exercise more, I need to get organized, I need to eat healthier. We know that we need to do all those things but let's make resolutions that we can keep and enjoy! Here's to a wild ride 2011!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photos to process & Pottery to fire, Which comes first?

We came back from a very enjoyable mini vacation I love being near the ocean! Shot almost 6GB of photos so, now I have to go through them an edit them. There is also a lot of pottery to work on and wouldn't you know it my computer consulting has gotten a bit busier as well. So, not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

We also have a Festival here called "Fiesta Days" and I was asked to donate some of my work to the raffle. I put together a lively gift basket with an 8" x 10" matted print of the night time rides long exposure so you can see the motion of the ride by the streaked lights one of my favorite styles of photography. Along with some pottery and glass work and a hat and scarf. It is all to benefit the Southwest Hospital district here which is a very worthy cause.

So tonight I toss a coin to see if I will work on pottery or photography.....