Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photos to process & Pottery to fire, Which comes first?

We came back from a very enjoyable mini vacation I love being near the ocean! Shot almost 6GB of photos so, now I have to go through them an edit them. There is also a lot of pottery to work on and wouldn't you know it my computer consulting has gotten a bit busier as well. So, not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

We also have a Festival here called "Fiesta Days" and I was asked to donate some of my work to the raffle. I put together a lively gift basket with an 8" x 10" matted print of the night time rides long exposure so you can see the motion of the ride by the streaked lights one of my favorite styles of photography. Along with some pottery and glass work and a hat and scarf. It is all to benefit the Southwest Hospital district here which is a very worthy cause.

So tonight I toss a coin to see if I will work on pottery or photography.....

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